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I started this blog to help connect women with work from home opportunities, personal development coaching and self-help tools to move from ideas into a business. It is obvious that success does not come off just through ideas it requires a strategy, consistency, and commitment. The six steps are a go to guide to move from ideas into a business. Although it is short and precise, all things considered, this is guaranteed to set you on the path to success.

From Ideas Into A Business
From Ideas Into A Business
  1. Get A Journal:  In the first place, write down your goals in order of priority then take two days to think about them. If you have just one terrific idea great, move to step two. The journal serves as your go to reminder to step up and move from ideas into a business. Ideas are worth nothing without action.


  1. Clarify the Why: What is the aim of your goal? Why do you want to start this business and what do you intend to achieve? I believe the ultimate goal is to have a profitable business that will make a positive impact. So have that at the back of your mind. Do not forget the goal to move from ideas into a business.


  1. Research: Once you have decided on the goal(s) to run with then get all the information you need to develop your ideas into a business. It could be from the financing, marketing, branding to customer service. Also, go online, join groups, network and ask questions. Follow successful people in the field/sector you have chosen. Learn the pros and cons of the business and how to overcome obstacles.


  1. Have a Vision Board: This is a fun and easy goal setting exercise. You can have visuals and pictures. Once you have clarified the goals and gotten the information and tools required, have a strategy and set a deadline. It is wise to set aside 2hrs a day towards the idea or two days a week to equally go through the vision board.


From Ideas Into A Business

Breakdown of deadlines:

Short Term: Daily weekly or monthly

Medium Term: From 12months to 3years

Long Term: 5 years.


This will be the lifeblood of your business, go through it daily to remind yourself of the goals you intend to achieve.


  1. Be Consistent: Work on the plan consistently as well as yourself. There are scheduling tools online that will be of great use to avoid distractions and the cycle of procrastination. Examples of online scheduling tools are setmore and simplybook


  1.  Start Now: There is no perfect timing so start NOW. Starting a business is scary however it is work taking the risk. Do not worry about the business growth or profit-making margins. Believe in your dream, put the right and quality content. Commitment and Consistency are proven to give remarkable results.

From Ideas Into A Business

The Six steps to develop from ideas into a business is a guide in addition to networking, have the right mindset and join a support group.  Overall be purposeful and intentional.



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